Old cross-post: Jonah Peretti & Buzzfeed

Selling you to you, by Buzzfeed’s Jonah Peretti
Jonah Peretti, founder of Buzzfeed, essentially provided the blueprint for that site in a paper he wrote in 1996, essentially saying that the site that builds an identity for a user that happens to be a near exact reflection of that user stands to make a bunch of money.

Buzzfeed creates a very, very large number of entertaining, image-filled, reflections of a very large number of demographics: “hijabis,” “naturally skinny people,” “people who grew up in the Texas heat,” (these gathered from a view at around now).

So, by providing a huge library of relatable things, it gets clicks. Brands, products, whatever you’re selling, can of course do the same thing.

This little nugget has set off a lot of reaction, especially among users who have been interested in the virtual world and who have seen its evolution in progress.

A by no means comprehensive catalog:

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