One list that’s useful for everyone.

1. Stop making lists.

Lists are very popular, and one of the things that the marketing geniuses always tell you to do is to make your content into lists.

I’ve told people to do this. Sorry.

I’m sorry, because as SEO so often ends up being, it’s a lazy answer to a very complicated question, or series of questions: what are my users looking for? how do I make it easy for them to find the thing they’re looking for? The easy answer is “They’re looking for lists! Lists are snackable and shareable. You can easily get a list on Facebook! People will want to tweet your list! Folks just love lists!”

Well, it ain’t necessarily so. Familiarity is useful, but it doesn’t always solve the fundamental problem of content strategy, and practical design in general: how do I get my users what they need quickly, easily and pleasantly?

Your product, as a content strategist, might not be the thing they’re looking for, in fact it probably isn’t, but your job is is not to be noticed–your job is to make their job easier.


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